The Luminary

Insane last survivor of a war. Leader of Apex and master manipulator.


“In ancient times rulers created order and stability through narrative. Through stories. Of heroes and villains. What we’re doing is merely creating a new narrative for a new epoch.”

Mask: Genius
Catalyst: Hoffnung
Baramin: Phenomenologists
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pessimistic
Age: 87 (has stopped aging since entering the Hedge, so physically in his 50s)


Background: No records of the Inspired name him and he likely doesn’t remember his own. The Luminary is one of the last survivors of the order of Lemuria. A cabal of Geniuses who controlled the flow of progress in the world up until they were wiped out by the Peerage in 1959. Escaping the burning continent in a submarine he fled for parts unknown.

He wandered the earth from then on, seeing the suffering in the world. He saw the world the Geniuses were supposed to bring fall into a antiquated dream of the 1960s. He saw the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. He saw that the mass production of goods and the wellspring of free knowledge to the masses merely spoiled them and doomed them to be proud of mediocrity rather then strive for greatness.

He was hunted. By the Peerage. By rouges who wanted to turn him in for a bounty. In desperation he built a portal to take him somewhere far away fro this failed reality. He ended up in the Hedge. There he found a new home. The Hedge warped his mind and stalled his age. He began to plan.

The Fae taught him that there was no objective reality. It can be shifted, cajoled, and twisted to suit the eye of the beholder. He continued to watch the material world from inside Kowloon, a monument to the degradation of urban life. He stared and stared at the monitors until his eyes couldn’t take it anymore. He saw a world where the unworthy ruled and the great slaved away. The Machine had to be smashed, the world needed an enema.

Decades passed, plans were hatched and failed again and again. He was to old to bring peace to the world but he could still pick its rightful leader. If the script was bad he could still find someone to revise it. This leader must be brilliant and most importantly know what it means to suffer. After years of searching the world he found her. He spread his tendrils throughout the world and found those who thought like him. It was all to easy to convince them to enact his plan, people may not listen to facts but they certainly listen to the truth.

At his core, the Luminary is a disaffected nerd who is angry he never got his jet pack. Alone with the bitter taste of defeat and watching the world from another dimension has left him completely cold emotionally. All that matters is breaking the Machine and putting Sarah on her rightful throne.

The Luminary views the world as having no objective truth. Everything is subjective,. This philosophy allows nothing to phase him. He doesn’t show emotion, not even anger. Not even the beautiful madness of the Fae gets more then a curious look from him. He is not a nihilist, he is nihilism.

Despite this, the Luminary genuinely believes he is saving the world. He is gifted and wants to give back, however he is too deadened and isolated to understand “giving back” as anything other then wiping away civilization. Only then will the screaming of the dead that constantly echoes in his head from that long ago battle cease.

The Luminary

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